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College Houses and Dining

In Penn’s thriving residential community, students and faculty live together in the supportive and lively College House network.

College Houses | learn more

Penn’s 12 College Houses are dynamic communities that reflect the spirit of the University and the varied interests of its people. Styles vary from the architecture of the historic Quadrangle, to suite-style residences, to 24-story tall high-rises with panoramic views. But in all College Houses, professors and graduate students live among undergraduates, offering mentorship and contributing to the intellectual energy. All Houses offer on-site tutoring and technology, as well as resources, facilities, and programming that support a stimulating, comfortable residential life, all within minutes of campus's center. Click here to view College House photos!

Residential Programs | website

Residential life is enriched by Penn’s wide variety of residential programs, each associated with a different College House. Choosing from among Penn’s 31 themed programs, students can live with others who share a common interest and enjoy such themed activities as formal and informal discussions, film screenings, meals, site visits throughout Philadelphia, and joint service work.

Penn Dining | website

With great choices and open spaces, food is part of collaboration and culture on campus. Chefs pay special attention to the dietary needs of Penn students, all while cooking up healthy and fresh offerings daily. Never go hungry with all you can eat brunch at New College House Dining, coffee and pastries at student-run William's Cafe, and of course traditional Philly Cheesesteaks from food trucks lining Spruce Street.

Retail Dining on Campus

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