At Penn You Can…
Explore across disciplines
Innovate and apply knowledge
Belong to a diverse community
Live in a vibrant city
Engage with purpose
Afford an Ivy League education

You Can Explore Across Disciplines

Penn students develop the intellectual connections they need to thrive in an ever-changing and complex world. Working with faculty across a flexible curriculum spanning 4 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools, students develop adaptable, well-rounded minds. The physical proximity of the university’s resources make thinking and learning between departments and disciplines a part of everyday life at Penn. From innovative dual degree programs that defy traditional academic boundaries to rigorous grounding in the liberal arts and sciences, Penn is fueled by an open and endless exchange of ideas.

You Can Innovate and Apply Knowledge

Penn students do more than just wrestle with big ideas—they bring them to life by putting them to use, embracing a practical approach to education that dates to Penn’s founder, Benjamin Franklin. Encouraged by professors and supported by the university, students test their knowledge through practical application—in our labs and classrooms, throughout Philadelphia, and around the world. By connecting their studies to actual problems, Penn students develop the skills, experiences, and inclination to thrive in a world that needs innovative leadership.

You Can Belong to a Diverse Community

Join a community where you can be who you are and do what you love. At Penn, you will live and learn among inspiring and talented people, encountering a remarkable range of backgrounds, interests, and beliefs. Supportive and stimulating, Penn offers everything our students need to feel at home—from dynamic College Houses to opportunities for cultural exploration to the unmatchable spirit of Ivy League athletics.

You Can Live in a Vibrant City

To Penn students, Philadelphia is more than the nation’s fifth-largest city and cheesesteak capital. The City of Brotherly Love is a second home and a vital part of their education. A short walk from campus, this extended classroom offers great museums, research opportunities, corporate internships, iron chef restaurants, the nation’s largest city park system, ethnic neighborhoods, professional sports, live music—and countless opportunities to play a role in making the city even better.

You Can Engage With Purpose

Penn’s founder Ben Franklin believed that “the great aim and end of all learning is service to society”. Today, through local, national, and global outreach efforts, Penn students and faculty share ideas, learn from experience, and work together to innovate solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems. These opportunities prepare Penn students to become a new kind of leader with the ability and inclination to channel knowledge into positive change.

You Can Afford an Ivy League Education

Penn opens its doors to the world’s best minds, regardless of financial background—practicing need-blind admissions, meeting 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for four years, and providing grant-based aid packages. We understand that a college education is a major investment for you and your family. Given the changing economic landscape, you expect—and need—an education that is practical, powerful, and flexible; that prepares you for tomorrow’s job market; and that allows you to adapt to and thrive in any situation. You need an education like the one you will receive at Penn.