Transfer of Credits

In general, transfer credit may be awarded for academically based courses that were taken at a regionally accredited institution, were passed with a grade of C or better, and are similar in content and classroom meeting hours to the curriculum on Penn’s campus. 

At Penn, credit is awarded in course units. The normal course load results in eight to nine course units each year. Courses taken for fewer than 40 contact hours each term will not transfer but, when appropriate, will be combined with other courses to give credit. 

Credits transferred from other institutions will become a part of the student's official record, but grades will not be placed on the transcript nor used in determining the student's cumulative grade point average. 

The Office of Admissions examines a student's transcripts and sends an evaluation of transferable credit within approximately three weeks of the offer of admission. Penn will not pre-evaluate transfer credit prior to acceptance, meaning that transfer credit is awarded after matriculation. Penn will send each accepted applicant a preliminary evaluation that predicts which classes will transfer, however that is not guaranteed. Courses will transfer if they are similar in content, credit hours, and passed with a C or better. If a student wants to know if their classes will transfer, they should search Penn's course register and see if there is an equivalent course at Penn.

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