Greetings from the University of Pennsylvania's Office of Undergraduate Admissions!  

Update September 16, 2016 

The recent clarification of the University of Pennsylvania's Early Decision Program (EDP) has led to insightful dialogue among segments of the counseling community concerning Penn's EDP policy and practices at other institutions. Although the language of Penn’s policy is similar to Single Choice Early Action, the conversations with counselors, community-based organizations, and other educators revealed that students interested in Penn feel most supported when they are also able to apply to other institutions under non-binding admissions plans. Since the aim of our policies is, first and foremost, to help students make informed decisions, and not to produce additional concern around the application process, Penn will continue the practice of allowing Early Decision applicants to also apply to other institutions through their respective non-binding admission processes, as we have in years past.  We appreciate the opportunity for further dialogue with our colleagues on both sides of the desk about this topic.

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