Penn Engineering

Penn Engineering provides a premier education to students, preparing them for global leadership in technology-based fields and beyond. Penn Engineering's education delivers a dynamic balance of fundamental science and professional practice through courses and projects that enable creative, technical design while fostering an understanding of areas of professional practice such as technology management, teamwork, communication, and ethics. This hands-on and collaborative education occurs in Penn’s world-class research labs and centers and under the direction of the world’s preeminent scholars. 

Two degree programs are offered: the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE), the flagship program for professional engineers and computer scientists, and the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), offering students more flexibility in combining engineering science and technology with interests beyond engineering. Penn’s strong interdisciplinary culture encourages students to combine a first-rate engineering education with other fields such as business, medicine, law, liberal arts, social science, and natural science.

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In applicants to the School of Engineering and Applied Science, we would like to see:

  • an ability to innovate, design, and practically apply scientific discoveries
  • expressed reasons for pursuing an engineering education
  • a strong preparation in physics and mathematics, particularly calculus

Coordinated Dual-Degree, Accelerated and Specialized Programs

Students with highly developed academic interests can apply to programs that allow them to earn more than one degree or delve deeply into their particular area of interest.  Learn more about all programs here.

Those programs that include a degree with Penn Engineering include:

  • M&T:  The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology
  • VIPER:  The Roy and Diana Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research
  • Computer & Cog. Sci.: Computer and Cognitive Science: Artificial Intelligence
  • DMD:  Digital Media Design Program
  • NETS:  The Rajendra and Neera Singh Program in Networked & Social Systems Engineering