Eligibility Guidelines

At least one full year of transferable academic course work (8 courses) must be completed by the close of the spring term prior to the September of anticipated enrollment at Penn. All transcripts (with certified English translations, if appropriate) are due in the Admissions Office by the March 15 deadline.

Students who are completing their senior year of high school concurrently with their first year of college, or who are enrolled in a dual-enrollment program taking courses in college while still enrolled in high school, should apply as freshmen.

The University does not admit freshmen or transfers to enroll mid-year. Students who leave college at the end of the first term may apply to the freshman class entering in the subsequent September. Once the application has been submitted a student may not enroll in additional college-level courses. 

Penn maintains a two-year academic enrollment requirement. At least one-half of the total number of courses required for the Penn degree must be completed here, regardless of the number of transferable credits completed elsewhere. If you have completed more than two years of transferable work at other institutions, you may not be eligible to transfer to Penn

Students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree are not eligible to transfer to an undergraduate school at Penn.

Transcript Reporting Requirements

Records from summer school, study-abroad programs, or special college programs must be submitted in official transcript form with certified English translations, if applicable. These records will be considered along with other credentials. 

If you have taken courses on a PASS/FAIL or CREDIT/NO CREDIT basis, you must have grades or written evaluations of your performance sent by the professor of these courses for them to be transferrable. If you attend a school that records only PASS/FAIL on your transcript for your first-semester or first-year courses, please request that your grades be released on the transcript sent to our office. Due to the competitive nature of Penn's admissions process, it is imperative that we receive either grades or written evaluations.