QuestBridge Finalists Not Participating in the National College Match

If Penn is your top choice, please consider applying to Penn through the Early Decision program.  Penn’s grant-based financial aid program is guaranteed to meet a family’s full financial need.  QuestBridge students will generally be considered for a four-year Match Scholarship only in those cases where the expected parent contribution is less than $500, and it appears unlikely that it will change over time. Please note Penn’s policies for Early Decision applicants which is a binding process. To apply Early Decision to Penn using your QuestBridge Application, you must log into your Penn Applicant Portal and complete the Penn Supplement to the QuestBridge Application. This supplement is due November 1 at 11:59 pm your local time.

You may also apply Regular Decision to Penn. Regular Decision Applicants must submit the required materials by January 5th. If you choose to apply Regular Decision, you can apply using your QuestBridge Application. You will also need to fill out the Penn Supplement, which will be available on your Penn Applicant Portal. 

All non-participating finalists will receive an email from Penn with instructions on how to access the Penn Applicant Portal shortly after finalists are announced by QuestBridge in October.