Information for Counselors

Regular decision notification for the Class of 2020 will be on March 31, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EDT.  Please encourage your students to log-in to the Penn Applicant Portal for their decisions at that time.

A Note from Dean of Admissions Eric Furda

Dear Colleague,

Penn's founder, Benjamin Franklin, once said, "Weighty questions ask for deliberate answers." For students embarking on their college search, few questions carry as much weight as those that frame their discussions with you. What education is best for them? Where will it inspire them to go? How will they and their families make it happen? We continue to see clear indications that, for more and more young scholars, compelling answers can be found on our campus here in Philadelphia.

At the University of Pennsylvania, we offer a rigorous and relevant education, firmly grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and coupled with opportunities for study in engineering, business, and nursing. Our integrated curriculum fosters exploration and innovation, allowing students to test-drive new ideas in real-world settings and preparing them to make an impact in a variety of established and emerging fields. We make this experience accessible to students from all backgrounds through our commitment to all-grant financial aid.

This year presents many new possibilities for shared engagement, and my staff and I are dedicated to strengthening our partnership with you. We aim to be a helpful presence in your communities throughout the year, offering interactive sessions and workshops on selective admissions. Working together, we can help your students define the answers to their own weighty questions.

Eric J. Furda C'87
Dean of Admissions 

We value relationships with our partners on the other side of the desk and look forward to working with you.

We evaluate applications in committees, so all of our staff are able to answer general questions or assist in navigating the admissions process.

For inquiries or information pertaining to a specific school or region, please Contact Staff Members by Region.