Secondary School Record and Transcript

Your secondary school record is a critical component of your application. We’re curious to see what courses you chose to take within the context of what is available at your school, and we’re eager to see how you met the challenge. 

All secondary school documents must be submitted by your counselor via the Common Application.

Official Secondary School Transcript

Most successful Penn applicants rank in the top 5 percent of their secondary school classes, but because high school programs and grading systems vary widely, we look beyond the class rank. We pay close attention to the types and levels of courses taken and the grades achieved, particularly as they relate to your educational interests and the availability of courses at your high school.

Secondary School Report and Counselor Letter 

The Common Application requires that your counselor submit the Secondary School Report form and a letter of recommendation on your behalf. This information is important to the Admissions Selection Committee, as we seek to understand your achievements in the context of your school. This form is available through the Common Application.

High School Preparation

  • Engineering applicants are strongly encouraged to take the highest levels of physics and calculus available in their secondary schools.
  • Wharton applicants are strongly encouraged to take the highest level of calculus available in their secondary schools.
  • Nursing applicants are encouraged to pursue a strong secondary school preparation in the sciences—particularly chemistry.
  • The Admissions Selection Committee will review your curriculum within the context of what courses are available at your secondary school. Competitive applicants will have taken the most rigorous courses.