Early Decision and Regular Decision

Early Decision Plan

For applicants who have decided that the University of Pennsylvania is their first choice and who agree to matriculate if accepted, we encourage application under our Early Decision agreement.  Children and grandchildren of alumni will receive the most consideration for their affiliation with the University during Early Decision.

Early Decision applications are binding and represent a serious commitment to Penn. In signing the Early Decision agreement, a student agrees to withdraw applications from all other schools if admitted to Penn. Further, Early Decision applications supersede any non-binding Early Action applications. A student may apply Early Decision to only one institution. Accordingly, if a student applies Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania and to another school, the Early Decision application to Penn will be withdrawn.

Early Decision candidates who are denied admission in December may not reapply for Regular Decision in the same academic year.

Regular Decision Plan

If any Regular Decision applicant to the University of Pennsylvania is accepted by another school under a College Board-approved, binding Early Decision plan, the applicant must inform the Office of Admissions and withdraw his or her Penn application.